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The "My City" Document
The "My City" Document

"My City" tells the story of the original exhibit and the century that followed, exploring how this proven process can revitalized for any city today.

"The City Planning Movement in Pasadena"

This article from April 28th of 1917 describes the efforts of Pasdena's City Beautiful Movement when the modern profession of planning was in its infancy.

Jim Waterhouse singing "Home in Pasadena"
Mayor Waterhouse's Great-Grandson Sings "Home in Pasadena"

At sold-out January 2017 "My City" Brunch, Jim Waterhouse regaled attendees with a stirring rendition of the 1920s song "Home in Pasadena." Interesting people and fascinating history await you at the last round of brunches. Get your ticket today before they're sold out!

Announcing the Release of

"My City"

Celebrating the Centennial of

Pasadena's City Beautiful Movement

"My City" is the story of Pasadena's model city reputation and the landmark exhibit that brought 5000 together to envision the city's future. The book explores the extraordinary results of this approach, the subsequent planning mistakes that occurred when it was abandoned, and how the "My City" method can be revitalized for any city today.

A Centennial Bruch and Toast to Pasadena's Greatest Endeavor

“Remembering that a noble, logical diagram once recorded will never die, but long after we are gone be a living thing, asserting itself with ever-growing insistency.”

Daniel Burnham

Join us for a brunch presentation of "My City" at a special location overlooking Pasadena. A unique exhibit of Pasadena’s planning history also compliments our centennial celebration and toast to Pasadena's City Beautiful Movement.

"Know Your City Better" read the sign on the wall at the original "My City" exhibit of a century ago. Learn the forgotton chapters of Pasadena's model city origins.


Your city is what you make of it. Claim your civic inheritance by getting involved. Your participation is key to potentially reviving this proven approach in Pasadena. Become a self-appointed ambassador and continue the conversation.

The future is in your hands.

A Centennial Champagne Brunch,
Exhibit and Exploration of
How "My City" Can Be Revitalized

Saturday, June 7th, 11am to 1:30pm.

Held over by popular demand! As the last three brunches were completely sold out, we've added one more Centennial Brunch. Tickets are only $10, which includes a delicious brunch, the exhibit, and a presentation. As space at this special event is limited, find out more and reserve your seat while tickets are still available!

The January 2017 Brunch

The "My City" Overview Movie
The "My City" Overview Movie

This 5-minute video introduces The "My City" Project and the story of Pasadena's City Beautiful Movement and its "My City" Exhibit.

"How to Get Started in City Planning: The Pasadena Way"
How to Get Started in City Planning: the Pasadena Way
Learn how Dean Damon's approach to "My City" and Pasadena's Planning Movement applies to today's cities and the potential of revitalizng this proven approach.
Forgotten Chapters: Pasadena's Farm and Paul Williams' Start

Learn about Pasadena's 500 acre farm that produced food for city employees.

Learn how Dean Damon and Caltech sponsored the Four Corners Competition, which gave rise to the career of Paul R. Williams, the first African-American architect and among the region's most successful and prolific.